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Received a call or letter from us?
So did all of these people...

"David, I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and patience  while working to obtain these funds, funds I knew nothing about! Your company is one that I will certainly recommend now that I have firsthand experience.  My most sincere thank you again, this is very much appreciated!"
         Jimmy Reason
        Kansas City, MO

"David and his company not only found and claimed money for me, they saved my business from foreclosure and imminent failure. I can't thank them enough!!!!"
          Lori Yeust
        Canyonville, OR


"I recommend National Asset Locators for achieving success in recovering any assets to those with legal rights. Twenty years ago, my brother died leaving behind an old insurance policy, unbeknownst to me at the time, with me as the sole beneficiary! Mr. Lawrence prepared and submitted all the legal paperwork, performed all of the cumbersome follow up, kept me informed and was always available to me. His honesty,  skill and encouragement brought on success. My sincerest praise for David Lawrence and his fine company!"
         Elyse Angel
        Grants, NM


"I would like to thank you for the manner in which National Asset Locators executed my claim. The process was very quick and efficient. I highly recommend their services to anyone. I was skeptical at first but they assured me that they were there to help those customers receive what is due to them.
Again, I sincerely thank you for all that your company has done for me."
         Maria Carrasquillo
         New Castle, DE

"We received these funds on my mother's birthday. the timing could not have been better! Thank you."
          Naaznin Lokhandwala
         Andover, MA

"Thank you very much. With this money we can pay off our loans and be completely out of debt! You guys are awesome! Here is our # if anybody wants to hear about National Asset Locators  firsthand, 541-550-0276."
       Randy & Rhonda Workman
       Redmond, OR


"When I found out my American savings account had disappeared I panicked and didn't know what to do. Immediately I contacted David. He assured me that he would do everything to get the money back for me. He kept his word and, to my joy, all the money returned to me. I am eternally appreciative of his hard work and always felt I was in good hands. Without his help, I couldn't have gotten the money back.Thank you, David."
       Yuichi Matsuoka
       Tokyo, Japan

"Your company is awesome! Thank you for finding our money, it really helped us out. We were really satisfied with everything you did so thank you again!"
         Ron & Victoria Peters
         Erie, PA


"I just want to express my gratitude for the extensive efforts which David and his team put forth in retrieving funds for my mother and myself. I was skeptical at first but he took the time to explain the procedure and then always kept me informed. They are a thorough and personable team. You will not be disappointed".
             Tolla White
         Wichita, KS

"I found David Lawrence at National Asset Locators to be professional, thorough, patient and trustworthy. Thank you for helping with getting my life back in order."
          Lorraine Yahnke
         Bend, OR

"This letter is to recommend David Lawrence of National Asset Locators. David performed exactly as he said he would. Very professional service. I would be happy to work with him and his company again." 
         Bruce Dent
        Morgan, UT

"Subject; 'The great help in finding money we knew nothing about...' I can only say that David did everything he said he would do. He was very honest and trustworthy. I would use his services again without any worries. If you would like to talk, please call me. 971-219-4525." 
        Stan Hubert
       Parker, AZ

"To whom it may concern.
David Lawrence is a very special person. He went the extra mile to help us collect money that we didn't even know about. He is very polite, caring and understanding. We recommend him to anyone who can use his services. Sincerely,"
           Frank and Nona Corrado
        Phoenix, AZ

"Good morning Mr. Lawrence. I received the check today and wanted to thank you so much for all the hard work that you did to make sure I received all that was due to me in such a timely manner. Thanks again!"
        Sandra Hodges
       Newcastle, DE


"I didn't even know the money existed. David Lawrence of National Asset Locators took the initiative to locate, inform and retrieve thousands of dollars for it's rightful owner...Me! 
        Dave Howell
        Northern UT

"Dear David,
My sisters and I thank you for recovering funds from a bad investment our mother had made. We want to recommend your services and say how much we appreciate the great job you did! You were always available, thorough and kind to take time to answer our questions.  Sincerely, "
        Debra Gurth and family
        Mesa, AZ

" Good morning David!
I just checked my account at Wells Fargo and the recovery money has been deposited, $8,802.74. Yes, I am very happy and thank you so much for your hard work and assistance!
Yours sincerely,"
           Kok Chiang
        Washington, D.C.

"To whom it may concern,
A couple of days ago I received the recovery check.
At this point I would like to express my big satisfaction about the way David Lawrence, private investigator with National Asset Locators, handled my case. I always felt very well informed and on top of the affairs. Mr. Lawrence promptly answered all my questions and made it easy for me to deliver the correct forms and documents. I am very pleased with the way this matter has been managed and do hope that many other people can take advantage of NAL's services. With a big Thank You!"
        Dr. H.-P. Stutz 
         Zurich, Switzerland

"Hi David,  
Thanks much for all your efforts in securing this money for Fiore. She was very skeptical at first, and thought it was a hoax. So did her sister, so we had to convince them that it was for real. Anyway,  she is now a believer, and is quite happy with her money. This has been a big help to her, as I think I mentioned she doesn't get any Social Security from her husbands' death due to his not paying in. If you ever need a business reference, please don't hesitate to contact me."

           Jerry Andrews, on behalf of Fiorella Brugli
           Eau Claire, WI

"Hello David, 
I just wanted to thank you for your help on this matter for my Mom. She certainly was surprised when we received the check on Jan 27/12. We all left for vacation on the 29th and I was  glad we could deposit the check before we left. Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful year!"
        Joyce Sipe and my Mom, Jean
         Leesport, PA

"To whom it may concern; 
Our family was contacted by Mr. Lawrence a short time ago and he informed us about a business venture that our beloved mother (she passed away a few years ago) had engaged in without her children’s knowledge. There are four of us. Mr. Lawrence informed us that she had left some money and his company was trying to locate her family. Yes, we had a lot of questions as anyone would in this day and age. David worked diligently and always kept us informed of any progress he made. After a couple of months passed by, we received our money that was due, as our mother’s heirs. David worked many hours on our behalf and we recommend him as honest and trustworthy."                    
            Mary Bonilla
           Kingman, AZ

"Great news!! I finally got the check for $4,233.52 last Friday!!! Thanks for your wonderful work and effort. Thanks again and I wish you to have a wonderful holiday. (The check is the best Xmas  gift for me this year!)".
      Wen-Wen Chou   
          Sugarland, TX

"When National Asset Locators contacted my brother, I was extremely skeptical and thought it was a scam. After talking to David Lawrence I was put totally at ease with the situation and was assured that it was a bonafide claim. I even went to great lengths to check out the company and was assured everywhere I inquired. David Lawrence dealt with my claim with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. I would recommend National Asset Locators to any prospective clients."
       Carole Coleman
         London, England

"I almost didn't answer the call I received from David Lawrence in June 2010 but I sure am glad I did! During that first call I was apprehensive because I hadn't initiated it, but David had enough information about my Mother's family concerning my aunt's estate that I felt compelled to listen and respond to his questions. He promptly emailed me information about National Asset Locators (NAL) which was helpful and reassuring. It was an interesting process, much like a jigsaw puzzle, because my Mother's siblings had been distant from each other and somewhat reclusive. It was time consuming to gather all the information, but in the end, profitable! I recommend to anyone that if you get a call from David Lawrence of NAL, hear him out. It will be worth your time. Sincerely,"
       Pat Clark
           Montrose, CO

"I would recommend David Lawrence, a funds recovery specialist, to recover lost assets to anyone. I was a little nervous when he first called me, but soon learned to trust him and he was able to send me a check for money that I knew nothing about. He did a great job and I appreciate what he did for me."
       Betty Memmott
         Pleasant Grove, UT

"At first I was skeptical but the more David and I communicated the more I trusted him. I came to believe in David's methods and integrity. He is a man of his word and knows what he is doing."
         Joe Atkinson 
          Tahlequa, OK

"This letter is really to let others know that National Asset Locators obtained funds on my behalf. The amount collected was forwarded to me in a very timely manner. Based upon the research that is required to just locate assets and the paper work required for verification and release of available funds, the fee I was charged was reasonable. I have attempted in the past, without success, on my own, to do the same processes that David Lawrence was successful in doing and in a time frame that was reasonable. Thanks for a great job and connecting me with an unexpected inheritance."  
       Dennis Wheater
           Boise, ID

"I was contacted by National Asset Locators about some funds that had been discovered in my late husband's name. David Lawrence finally found me through my daughter in Arizona. I had remarried and so the last name was different. My daughter sent me the information and I emailed the 'Locators' and the process began. I could not believe the funds he found! It took some time to assemble all the information but then the end came and I am much richer than I was before!! I hope that the Locators can find funds for you. Please do not be afraid to call the National Asset Locators, they are an honest and real organization."  
       Patricia Arnold 
         Buckhorn, NM

"At first I thought it was a scam, but David persisted. He talked to my husband who thought we should proceed. I am glad that they convinced me now that I have my money."
      Michelle Schack
          West Valley, UT

"Yes, I was surprised and glad to know that from an old investment, some much needed funds were available to me. I was encouraged by David, the president of NAL, each time he called me to process the paperwork. I thank God for David's persistent communications and honesty to help me get these funds. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to recover funds from any valid sources that may be due them."
         Lea Lawrence 
           Burbank, CA

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