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        This Agreement is made by and between __    _________________, whose address  
_____    ___referred to as CLIENT) and National Asset Locators, LLC, (hereafter referred to as COMPANY) to provide the services necessary to investigate, locate, and procure the release of funds or assets which may be due client from a third party.

In consideration of Company having brought to client’s attention an asset which client may have an interest, the exact nature of which has not yet been disclosed to Client, and in consideration of the work performed to date by Company and of further investigation to be performed,

Client does hereby assign to Company, an amount equal to _ _% of whatever proceeds Company receives on Client’s behalf subject to the following conditions;

  • Company is obligated to fund all expenses to prove Client’s claim and Client will not have to advance any money toward that effort,
  • Company is authorized to retain an attorney, with no upfront cost to the Client, to make the claim, to collect the assets due Client and to distribute any claimed assets to Client and to Company according to the terms of this Agreement,
  • Client agrees to cooperate with Company requests for additional information and/or documentation until such time that claim is either paid or closed,
  • If no assets are collected, this Agreement will be void and client will owe Company nothing.
  • Upon collection, the assets will be distributed according to the percentage above.
  • Company may cancel this Agreement if Company determines that it cannot handle this claim in an economical and favorable manner, or after further investigation, concludes that Client’s claim does not appear to have merit.


  • Counterparts and Facsimile Transmission – This Agreement may be signed in counterparts. A signed copy of this Agreement received by fax shall be deemed an original.

                                                                             Dated this ____ day of _      ___, 2016.

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