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In the U.S. alone, there are billions of dollars in unclaimed funds from dormant bank accounts, legal settlements, entitlements, liquidated assets, lost pensions, life insurance, real estate and bankruptcy creditors. There are literally thousands of government agencies, courts and underwriters holding money for millions of people. Most don't even know it! 

Most of these funds are small, it's true. But if we've contacted you, rest assured that you have a claim worth several thousand dollars! In fact, many claims are worth tens of thousands of dollars and can be recovered right now! 

Often, there is a limited amount of time to petition for, or claim this money - you can lose all rights to your claim. Escheat is the term the government uses to take your money. It happens all the time and we don't like it one bit! Laws have been enacted with deadlines. Once a deadline is reached the government will take your money! 

We all want to believe in the distant uncle who leaves us a million dollars, right? Well we find cases every day where the laws of intestacy dictate how a person's estate is distributed. You could be an heir and not know it!

We continually audit hundreds of courts, underwriters and government agencies searching for your money. When we come across a substantial sum we attempt to locate the rightful owner. Sometimes that person is very difficult to find so we may enlist the help of friends or relatives. Once we establish contact things get exciting, fast! We sign and file the paperwork, do all the follow up and monitoring necessary to secure the release of your funds quickly and efficiently.

It is often difficult to recover the money as there are often many rules, forms, petitions, appearances and procedures to deal with.
It pays to have an experienced professional working for you. We will prepare and present your claim so that it receives prompt attention and a quick resolution.

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